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Simply choose the treatment you want to have in your break time
and return to work feeling refreshed and ready for anything.

All treatments take approx 30 minutes.

Ask about our after work hours spa & beauty gatherings.

I'm all in a fluster, get me a stress buster

Indian Head Massage

Reduce stress and tension with this head, neck and shoulder massage.

Facial Drainage Massage

Helps drain away blocked sinuses, heavy toxins around the eyes and facial fluid retention, helping to reduce puffiness and wake up the face.

Hand and Arm Massage

A wonderful and relaxing therapy to help relieve stress in hands and arms that can be caused by repetitive manual duties.

Desktop Massage

A combination of different massage techniques that can be done at desks and through clothing.

Hot Stones Massage

Let the heat of the warm stones loosen up tired knotted areas. The feeling is amazing and the results fantastic.

Back Massage

A soothing solution for tense, aching muscles in the back, neck and shoulders.


My customer's seeing red, I need to clear my head

Hopi Ear Candles

Reduces tension, insomnia and anxiety. Ideally applied towards the end of the day due to its relaxing properties.

Eye Treatment

Relieve tired, sensitive or dry eyes that can be caused by long hours working with a computer screen or behind the wheel.


Now my tasks are complete, I want a treat for my feet

Foot Spa

Treat your tired feet with a foot spa, foot massage and foot mask with heated treatment.


Treat your whole body through your feet with a rejuvenating reflexology session.


My paperwork's straight, it's time to look great

Deep Cleansing Facial

Cleanse, exfoliate, mask and moisturise your face, a well deserved treat for him or her.

Manicure or Pedicure

Return to work with nails to die for with our manicure or pedicure treatments.

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